Cleaning your chimney on a regular basis will help to keep your home free of allergens, dirt and creosote. Dirt buildup can block your chimney’s flue, causing smoke to back up into your home and make your fireplace noxious. Excessive creosote can potentially ignite and cause an uncontrolled fire hazard.


A chimney sweep clears the ash and soot from the chimney. After continued use of your fireplace a layer of creosote can build up and restrict the flow. Creosote can become hazardous by catching fire and causing damage to your home.     


Modern fireplace inserts are much more efficient and better for the environment than older open fireplaces, which have low efficiency ratings at about only 5% to 10%. You can save money on your energy bill if you install a more efficient wood-burning or gas insert.



Due to the high temperatures the firebox sustains, it isn’t unusual for wear and tear. Combustion byproducts can be very acidic, so both masonry and metal can crack and deteriorate. The mortar in the masonry can erode and metal can corrode over time. It is important to have your firebox inspected and repaired if these conditions are detected.



Lint is highly flammable and buildup in your electric or gas dryer is a fire hazard. Lint can cause humidity levels to rise around vents causing mildew and mold to develop in walls and insulation. Regular cleaning and maintenance can protect your family and your investment in your home.



Clogged gutters accumulate debris and water. Roof water overflows and accumulates around the foundation. Water against the foundation can weaken the footings and lead to cracks. The moisture can also affect the roof sheathing and framing beyond the fascia. Hiring an inexpensive professional gutter cleaner could prevent expensive repair work to replace rotted wood.

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